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Book Review - "Supernal Grace" by Elenah Kwaramba Kangara - January 2018

Welcome to my first Book Review for 2018.

I am so excited to bring to your attention books of faith, inspiration, vision and encouragement to add value to your life!

Leaders are readers! According to Michael Hyatt, formerly the Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and now a bestselling author and successful entrepreneur "One of the best ways to become an indispensable leader? Crack open a book."

Aim for 20 minutes a day of quality reading and see a positive impact on your life.

And so to January's Book Review of the Number 1 bestseller "Supernal Grace" by award winning author Elenah Kangara, which has over 100 5-star reviews on Elenah says of her book: "We are fully loaded with everything that we need to experience destiny and live our lives to the full. But religion, teachings, conditionings, struggles, challenges and cares of this world can leave us searching for fulfillment outside of where true fulfillment lies. In Supernal Grace, find out how to come back to yourself to rediscover your destiny and treasures that are not somewhere out there but waiting in the place where you are looking from."

Supernal, according to various dictionaries, relates to something both celestial and exceptional. At the core of this amazing book is the relationship with and revelation of being in Jesus Christ. Elenah explores the mystery and joy of being one with the Saviour and the comparison between supernal grace vs natural life. Her writing is vivid and poetic and there are many amazing revelations in this book - for example: "Originally, human beings were not designed by God to be powerless" (Chapter 1); "You beautiful...are your own flower. You have your own individual fragrance....When established in being ourselves, our lives are like oxygen that flow like rivers of living waters." (Chapter 3); "A relationship with God should flow like growing in love and maturing in love." (Chapter 5); "Love's blend of spices explodes beautifully in our spirit. We recognize it once we experience it." (Chapter 5).

This is a book packed full of strength and hope, to be read carefully as there is so much to absorb. "Supernal Grace" truly speaks to the heart, with its message of faith, hope and love and many beautiful Scriptures to add balance and authority. A must read, to be savoured and cherished over and over again.

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