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What's Happening World? -March 28, 2020 - Making Sense of COVID-19 Pandemic POEM

Princes and rulers are brought to their knees,

In the grip of a new and frightening disease.

We are facing an enemy this world has not seen,

Who will succumb to COVID-19?

For those of you who are fearful and panicked,

I have a message for you -

There is a Saviour who can carry your burdens,

One who is faithful and true.

His name is Jesus and for those who know Him,

Our Bible tells us His return is near,

The Book of Matthew, Chapter 24,

Makes things very clear.

There are certain signs of the end of times,

For example, pestilence (disease),

And the aggressive virus COVID19,

Is classed as one of these.

Other examples are wars and famines,

Earthquakes and lawlessness,

A world on the brink of seeming collapse,

A world in a chaotic mess.

And in amongst the mess and turmoil,

The good news – the gospel - is preached,

The good news of Jesus,

His forgiveness and grace,

And for all the world to be reached.

The good news of Jesus,

Is the news that He saves!

Is the news He can set you free,

For His gift of grace is available,

To those who ask - humbly.

To repent and to willingly

Now live for Him,

He softens our hearts,

Makes them clean.

His is the gift of eternal life,

On Him we can confidently lean.

His forgiveness and grace,

Are second to none,

Our God of miracles

Is the only One,

Who can lift us above

The turmoil and fear,

Who can wipe away

Every sadness and tear.

Will you decide for Him?

Or decide against Him?

For there is no in-between!

It’s a free will decision

Based purely on faith,

Choosing Jesus

Sight unseen.

Choosing Jesus,

Who died a cruel death on a cross,

Taking all of man’s dark sin

So relationship with God could be restored,

And a new life could begin.

Choosing Jesus who said:

“Forgive them Father.

For they know not what they do”,

Choosing Jesus,

Who willingly gave His life,

Shed His blood for me and for you.

Choosing Jesus

Who, victoriously,

Overcame death,

When He rose again,

To set the captives free.

He then appeared to many

Before ascending to Heaven,

Our minds try to understand,

This miracle of God,

Now He sits at His Father’s right hand.

We are told in the Bible that one glorious day

Our Saviour will return!

We must be ready and living for Him,

As our hearts and minds do yearn

For that glorious day,

We know not when,

Neither the day nor the hour,

But our eyes are on Him

Ready for Him

To transform with His might and His power!

And in the midst of this pandemic we face

The Holy Spirit will guide

We have the mind of our precious Christ

And in Jesus we abide.

As we read the Scriptures to make sense of events

His word is so timeless and true

We are anchored to Him as the whole world sighs

We ask: “What would Jesus do?”

Love your neighbour as yourself

(Leave the toilet paper for others on the supermarket shelf!)

Stay home if you can

And fervently pray.

Recognise that the only way

We can fight this disease

Is in our God’s awesome strength!

This pandemic’s not over

And we know not the length,

Of the time we will live with this threat.

All that we know is we need to trust God

Because things are not finished yet!

We’ve been rocked to our core

Losing what we have known

But though we are isolated

We are never alone!

For our God is with us

The God who created us

We can choose to listen to the God

Who sustains us.

Rest assured He is still on the throne

This is all for our good and His glory

For He is the God

Who knows the beginning and end

Of the COVID19 story.

  • Copyright Meredith Swift, March 28, 2020

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